Fill Policy

Meridiano 87 has the following fill policy in order to protect our clients and personnel from the dangers of high pressure gases.

  • Meridiano 87 guarantees the air and NITROX used to fill scuba tanks is clean, free of hydrocarbons*, dry and carbon monoxide free. (CO)*. All oxygen used for the manufacture is exclusively ultra pure medical grade.

  • No cylinder manufactured before 1990 or made from aluminium alloy 6351 will be filled.

  • No cylinder without a valid hydrostatic** test and/or valid visual inspection will be filled**.

  • NITROX will only be filled in cylinders previously prepared for gaseous mixtures with high oxygen content.

  • Cylinders will be filled to the maximum rated pressure stipulated by the manufacturer, unless the client desire a lesser pressure. Meridiano WILL NOT overfill cylinders.

  • Meridiano 87 reserves the right to not fill and cylinder deems dangerous by our staff.

  • Meridiano 87 se reserva el derecho de llenar cualquier cilindro considerado peligroso.

  • Meridiano 87 will immediately notably mark any cylinder after a hydrostatic , visual or eddy current test, that does not meet criteria for its approval. If the client wishes, we will destroy the cylinder. (Highly recommended).

*According to standard CGA G-7 y CGA G -7.1 - 2008
**Only certified laboratories ,cylinder manufacturers and Meridiano 87 tests are accepted.